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2009 Winners


IMW Industries Ltd

IMW Industries Ltd won the B.C. Exporter of the Year Award as well as the Manufactured Products Award.


In Motion Technology Inc.

In Motion Technology Inc. was founded in 2002 and is the leader in mobile networking technologies that connect and manage equipment, information and people in the field. In Motion’s patented technology enables people on the road to stay in constant contact, as onboard communications roam seamlessly across wireless networks. Today, In Motion’s solutions are used by more than 150 municipal, healthcare, public safety, transportation and utility organizations worldwide.


Contech Enterprises Inc.

Contech Enterprises Inc. was established in 1987 as a designer and provider of advanced animal training and control technologies for pets, their owners and gardeners worldwide. Over the years, Contech has been recognized for its award-winning products including the ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler and the EatBetter and DrinkBetter dog bowls. The company stands alone in Canada as a creator and marketer of environmentally-friendly solutions across a broad range of industries including home and garden, pet, forestry and agriculture.


K2 Stone Quarries Inc.

K2 Stone Quarries Inc. is the premier producer and distributor of Natural Metamorphic Slate Building Stone in Western Canada. They offer thin stone veneers, wall stones, and a full line of landscaping stone. From the Ocean Pearl quarry on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, their stone is an all-natural metamorphic slate, unique in the world.


IMW Industries Ltd.

IMW Industries Ltd. won the B.C. Exporter of the Year Award as well as the Manufactured Products Award designs and manufactures high-pressure gas compressors and compressed gas fuelling systems for vehicles and industry, contributing to the offset of liquid fossil fuels and the significant reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG). IMW operates in over 26 countries and recognized as the winner of the Manufactured Products category at both the 2004 and 2007 BC Export Awards


Backstage Technologies Inc.

Backstage Technologies Inc. is a software company that creates casual games for social networks. A Pioneer in social game monetization, their Scratch and Win Facebook application was the first social games to figure out how to make money on Facebook. Backstage has developed a suite make money through innovations in the sale of virtual goods.


Punjab Milk Foods Inc.

Punjab Milk Foods Inc. is the largest federally approved dairy in North America specializing in the manufacturing of East Indian dairy based ingredients and end products including appetizers, entrees and desserts. The products are manufactured under the “NANAK” brand name and are sold all over North America and distributed through over twenty-five hundred outlets. Punjap Milk Foods was recognized as the finalist of the New Exporter category at the 2003 BC Export Awards.


Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. is a leading engineering and environmental consulting firm with its head office in Vancouver and offices located in strategic locations in Canada, Peru and Australia.  They have a strong reputation for quality service and technical expertise in a range of services including Power, Mining, Environmental, Water, Transportation, and Oil and Gas. Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd is the recipient of over 40 national and international engineering and environmental awards for major projects.  The most recent one being named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies in February 2009.


Accent Refrigeration Systems

Accent Refrigeration Systems designs, manufactures and installs ultra high efficient refrigeration systems, energy recovery systems and computer control systems for the ice skating industry. They have completed projects on six continents for private, public, university, professional and three Olympic Games as well as a project in progress for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Accent Refrigeration Systems was recognized as the finalist of the Marketing Innovation category at the 2001 BC Export Awards.


David L. Emerson, P.C.

The 2009 BC Export Awards is pleased to honour Mr. David Emerson for his vision, outstanding leadership, and advocacy over a lifetime dedicated to global trade and policy in Canada.


Jini Wang

Jini has demonstrated an expanded global perspective, gained by working, studying, and traveling in over 30 countries.