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2017 Winners



Robert Allan graduated from the University of Glasgow with a B.Sc. in Naval Architecture in 1971. Since then he has been designing high-performance commercial workboats of all types. In 1981, he succeeded his father as President of Robert Allan Ltd. and has led the company to a position of international prominence as naval architects in the commercial workboat sector. Robert is internationally recognized as a leading authority on the subject of tug and workboat design, and in particular the design of very high-performance tugs for ship-handling, tanker escort operations and offshore terminal operations. Robert is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of BC, an adjunct Professor/mentor with UBC’s Master’s in Naval Architecture program and a Trustee of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.




Saltworks is a leading water technology solutions provider. The company develops, builds and operates equipment for treating the world’s toughest waste waters. Its innovative systems are designed from the ground up for superior reliability, energy efficiency and ease of operation over conventional technologies. Saltworks sells globally to oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, food and beverage, aerospace and other sectors. The company was founded in 2008 by a group of engineers who wanted a more economical way of reducing industrial waste water’s impact on the environment. Today, Saltworks employs 75 staff and offers multiple product lines for waste-water volume reduction, zero liquid discharge, industrial desalination and resource recovery. Saltworks has exported its technology to the United States, Australia and Mexico with repeat orders from major multinational customers.




Ayogo creates award-winning products for health applications that are effective and efficient and improve patient and business outcomes. The company’s customers are life science, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies looking for next-generation patient centricity. Ayogo’s product suite helps its customers improve patient engagement, compliance and patient activation, seamlessly integrating into new or existing digital platforms and providing additional unique value for patients, health-care providers and customers. Ayogo’s design experts are leaders in mobile innovation and persuasive design and understand that engagement begins with the emotional connection. The company is an expert in the science of engagement, applying psychology to technology using insights from behavioural economics.




VRX Ventures Ltd. is a hardware and technology provider specializing in diverse and cost-effective simulation solutions for a variety of applications. Located in Sidney, B.C., the company has designed, developed and built cutting-edge simulation solutions for industry-leading companies such as Microsoft, Toyota, Breitling, Intel and Nvidia. From entertainment applications to fully simulated, high-fidelity training environments, VRX Ventures has leveraged all of its suppliers and partners to integrate the newest technology into its simulation platforms for the past 20 years. VRX Ventures is a 100% Canadian, privately owned and operated company based on Vancouver Island.




One of the only true air compressor manufacturers in North America, VMAC engineers and manufactures air compressors and multi-power systems in Nanaimo, B.C. With a culture of innovation, VMAC employees continuously push the boundaries in pursuit of excellence. The company uses customer feedback and the experience and talents of its workers to build every VMAC system with the promise that it will work as hard as VMAC’s customers do. Improving the quality of life for all of its employees and their families and contributing to the local economy have been part of VMAC’s driving purpose for the past 30 years, and will continue to be as the company grows and thrives.




ATCO Wood Products is an independent, third-generation family-owned business located in Fruitvale, B.C. Since its beginnings in the 1950s, ATCO has grown into a leading wood products manufacturing and forest management company. With provincial forest licences and forest management contracts, ATCO manages over 300,000 acres of forests in the region and sustainably harvests over 250,000 cubic metres of timber annually. ATCO’s softwood veneer manufacturing facility utilizes a large portion of the timber ATCO harvests, and produces high-quality veneer for the plywood and engineered wood products industries in Canada and the United States. In 2010, ATCO acquired the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway Co., which handles over 800 cars per year and links Fruitvale by rail with the North American railway network.




LMI Technologies works to advance quality and productivity with 3D sensor technology. The company’s award-winning FactorySmart solutions improve the quality and efficiency of factory production by providing fast, accurate, reliable inspection solutions that leverage smart 3D technologies. Unlike contact-based measurement or 2D vision, its products remove complexity and dramatically reduce implementation cost while achieving repeatable, highly accurate measurement.




Finger Food is an award-winning technology company creating advanced user experiences across multiple platforms. The company works with global businesses to drive innovation and growth with solutions that utilize holographic computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Finger Food delivered the world’s first production holographic application, created the world’s largest coding education platform with Sphero and brought the future of retail to the world with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. From its local community to global corporations, Finger Food is actively changing the way people interact with and use technology for the better.




Prepac has become a pioneer in the fast-growing North American e-commerce marketplace by leveraging its B.C.-based manufacturing and distribution into a key competitive advantage. Over 10 years ago, Prepac took a major risk by shifting its entire focus to serve the smaller yet emerging e-commerce channel in the North American home furniture industry. The goal was to stand out as the leading ready-to-assemble-furniture supplier that would always be in stock and always ship on time by maintaining and controlling the design, manufacture and delivery of its products from B.C. Today, Prepac has grown to become an industry leader by continuing to deliver on these same core goals.