BCEA Winners’ Profiles

BCEA 2013 Winners

Pinnacle Renewable Energy

Pinnacle Renewable Energy

Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. is proudly British Columbian, currently operating 6 pellet producing plants within BC and set to open its own world class export terminal in Prince Rupert in November 2013. Westview Terminal, as it will be known, will be the world’s first dedicated wood pellet terminal capable of loading panamax class vessels.

With the completion of Westview Terminal drawing near, Pinnacle is turning its attention to organic growth and expecting to see a number of plants added in the next few years.

Pinnacle’s pellet plants all draw mill and harvesting residuals from sawmilling operations throughout the province. This waste material was once burned at source, simply to get rid of it. However, it now provides the source fibre for wood pellets that are burned for a meaningful purpose -creating energy and heat. One of Pinnacles’ proudest achievements has been the fact that we are directly responsible for shutting down more than 12 beehive burners throughout our Province.

Leadership Award Winner—Warren Roy, CEO & Founder, Global Relay

International Business Studies Award Winner—Connor Bildfell

Connor Bildfell

C Bildfell with Hon. Minister Wat and Randall Martin, Executive Director BCCIE

Alpha Technologies

Mark Schnarr

Mark Schnarr with Hon. Minister Wat and Ed Zacharuk, KPMG

Nii Northern International

Steven Gula

Steven Gula with Hon. Minister Wat and Rob McFarlane

Endurance Wind Power

Glenn Johnson

Glenn Johnson from Endurance with Hon. Minister Wat and Gail McBride, BCHydro

Whitewater West Industries

Geoff Chutter

Geoff Chutter with Hon. Minister Wat and Darren Taylor, Grant Thornton


Vancouver Film Studios

Pete Mitchell

Pete Mitchell with Hon. Minister Wat and Loren Mallett from Alexander Holburn

Global Relay

Warren Roy

Warren Roy with Hon. Minister Wat and Bruce Flexman, AdvantageBC.


Paper Excellence

Buyung Wahad

Buyung Wahad with Hon. Minister Wat and Shaun Stevenson PRPA


dPoint Technologies

Brian Roth

Brian Roth with Hon. Minister Wat and Ram Venkiteswaran from UPS

Pinnacle Renewable Energy


Rob McCurdy with Hon. Minister Wat