Award Selection Process

Choosing the Top 25 Exporters

The Top 25 Exporters are chosen each year by an independent panel of judges selected by the co-hosts and the sponsors for their background, experience and objectivity. From the category winners one company will be selected and awarded the coveted "BC Exporter of the Year" Award.

Each application is evaluated by the selection committee against the selection criteria for the award category applied for after which a determination made as to the finalists and winners in each category. The decisions of the Committee are binding and cannot be appealed. All applicants will be notified of the final decisions.

The selection criteria are unique to each major category and are outlined in the award categories section.

To be eligible for consideration as a Top 25 Exporter a company must first be nominated and then complete the application to be reviewed by the panel of judges. Companies can self-nominate.

To nominate a leading exporter click here.

To complete the application click here.

Student award, applications can be found here.